May 19, 2018


Bride and Groom

Introducing the happy couple…

Mary Do

The better half of the relationship; Mary is a firecracker whose love of all things furry knows no end. Although born in Vietnam, she finds as much identity in being a Michigander from childhood through her time as a proud Wolverine. Equal parts nerd, athlete, and socialite, Mary bakes a mean cookie and secretly aspires to become a champion rock climber. Her level of confidence is only surpassed by her sarcasm, and both are just shy of mandating a safety label.

Brent Traut

The strength, the support, the foundation; Brent is the reason the relationship continues to build and grow to what it is today and what it will be 10 years from now. He’s clueless with girls but when it comes to Mary, he knows exactly what to say. Born and raised in Minnesota, he still pronounces bagel “baggul” and has the sweet tooth of a five-year-old. He’s a go-getter who’ll try anything and excel at most, especially when a little friendly competition is involved.

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